Keeping your scripts up to date

Many web sites utilize scripts, and applications such as WordPress. Utilizing such scripts makes a site easier to maintain, more functional, etc. However, in order to keep your site secure, it is important to keep those scripts up to date. Many scripts or applications like WordPress automatically check for updates, to let you know a new version has been released. While others may offer to notify you via e-mail when a new version is available. Take advantage of those automatic notices, so you can more easily make sure you aware of updates.

A bit of advice, before performing any updates, make a backup of your site, and any databases. That way, should something go wrong with the update, you can more easily revert back. In addition, before performing updates, check out the application’s forum, to see if there are any tips or issues you may need to be aware of related to the upgrade. Finally, if you have any questions, such as wondering if the new version will work on our servers, feel free to submit ticket to ask.

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