The must have WordPress Security Plugins

Security of WordPress is always top of a bloggers mind. Every minute of every day a hacker will take over a WordPress blog, possibly destroying any data that they can see.  We have selected some great examples of free security plugins to protect your WordPress, that could also save you from thousands of hours of work being deleted by a hacker.

Bulletproof Security

Do you hate messing with your .htaccess or simply don’t know what you are doing and afraid of breaking your site? With Bulletproof Security you can improve and manage the security of your WordPress directly from your administrator dashboard, it’s that simple! Bulletproof security helps you protect against SQL Injection, Base64 and many more hacking attacks.

Login Locks

This plugin is very useful if you want to monitor failed log in attempts. Login Locks also offers a very useful emergency lock down option, at a click of a button. One handy little option this plugin comes with is the ability to automatically block known hacking IP addresses, as well as the ability to log out idle users.

TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner

More and more customers come to us each day asking for our help because their WordPress has been hacked due to an out-dated TimThumb file. With this handy little scanner you can scan your WordPress for any out-dated TimThumb files, with the results, the scanner will highlight any vulnerabilities and let you know exactly what you have to do.

Ultimate Security Checker

This plugin helps you to identify any security problems that you may have with your WordPress. The plugin will scan your WordPress blog for hundreds of known threats and then will show you a security grade based around the results of the scan. With those results and in case the scan does show any security threats, the plugin will tell you exactly what to do and to help you prevent the threat in the future.

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