Unmetered hosting – Where is a catch?

I would like to say that my main target is not to promote our service since I am an active Fluid Hosting staff member, but to explain to a regular user a number of different nuances that could help to make the right decision in choosing a web hosting provider.

Almost everyone faces a question, to choose hosting, no matter if you an owner of a big business or just a housewife. As a business owner you may search for a reliable place to host your company website while as a housewife you can enjoy managing your personal blog and share different life experience.So, as we can see, purchasing webhosting for a website is a regular thing as if you go to market to buy some food. But as with everything in our life this question is not so easy as it may seem so on first look. Let’s discuss this question to find pitfalls that could prevent us from building a successful website.

Well, as you may have already noticed, the current web hosting market is very different, but there is a kind of hosting service that stands out among others.  I am speaking about solutions that are known as “unmetered” or “unlimited”.

For approximately the past 3-5 years or even more there is a strong trend of formation of new companies who try to offer a well known “unmetered” or  “unlimited” solution for a price of $2-5 per month. These sort of offers are pretty popular, because the user believes that for just a few or five dollars he/she can get a great deal and obtain an unmetered hosting package to host everything.  But here is a question: Is it possible to get so good deal for just $5/month?

I am not going to answer this question directly, but if you completely read this article, I am sure you will be able to do it very soon.

As we see many companies offer very good hosting at first sight, but as conscious consumers we need to understand what we get when we buy “unmetered” or “unlimited” and for what we pay the money.  So let’s take a look at this question more closerly.

It’s a well-known fact that our country, continent where we live and finally our world, have very clear sizes. When we speak about sizes, that automatically means that something has its limits. The same thing is in the hosting industry. Datacenters, network routes, servers – all these things have their limited capacity and it’s not a secret for anyone. So here is our main question: How is it possible to provide unmetered hosting when all the things have their limits?

Once again, I am not going to answer this question for you, however I will explain how these things work. Well, as we already mentioned everything has its own limits. Each server has limited space, bandwidth, cpu resources and other hardware limits. So physically it’s not possible to understand how it is possible to do “unmetered”, but many companies used this strategy and built their business. The main thing you should know about buying such hosting, is to be aware that if they say unlimited then it automatically means that that could have one or even number of different restrictions. Please find some examples below:

–    Limited number of files (you can be limited with 50000, 70000 files etc)
–    Account can’t be used for file storage purpose
–    No media content (just limited number of pictures related to the website are allowed)
–    Strict CPU or/and Memory limits
–    Other tricks

It’s just a short list of possible limits that you can face purchasing “unlimited” or “unmetered” hosting package. Well, once again I am not going to say buy here because we use another strategy that has no connection with overselling.  My main target is to let you know about this, so you can make the right choice and avoid frustration because of the above mentioned reasons.

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