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How to install Zpanel on CentOS 6?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

ZpanelIf you are buying a dedicated server or a VPS, most of us require a control panel which helps to manage the server and sites hosted on it. Even if you are an experienced user, you may still want to use the control panel because for more convenience. Normally our choice is reduced to free web hosting control panels and commercial web hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. If you don’t mind about the habits and want to save some money, then you should consider installing a free control panel.

In this article I will tell you about one interesting free control panel which is Zpanel and I will show you how to install it on a Dedicated/VPS server with Centos 6x.

Just small introduction to Zpanel
Zpanel is pretty new and a free web hosting control panel which is oriented for Linux and Windows systems. Personally I like this panel because it looks modern and accurate, it has all the necessary features and even more to manage the server and sites on it. Zpanel is very easy to install, so even if you are a newbie, you should not face any problems installing it on CentOS or Ubuntu. Zpanel is also actively supported by the community which can help you to resolve most of the questions related to the installation and configuration.

Zpanel interface

Zpanel interface


Ready to install? Ok, let’s go…
Let’s start the installation of Zpanel on CentOS 6x fresh server. As the fresh server, I mean the new & clean recently installed operational system.

Here are the steps to install Zpanel on CentOS 6 (CentOS 6.X):
Step 1. 
As the first step, please SSH to your server as root user.
Step 2.
As t second step, please execute the command below to create the directory where Zpanel will be installed:
#mkdir /etc/zpanel
Step 3.
As the third step, please download the installation package:
# wget
Step 4.
As the fourth step, please unzip the installation package:
Step 5.
As the step five, make the installation file executable:
# cd zpanel-install-kit
#chmod 777
Step 6. 
Congrats! You are ready to start the installation:
# ./

While it installing, you may drink a cup of coffe or tea :)
Once installation is completed, it will automatically reboot your server to apply the new changes.

Now you are ready for your first login…!
For the first login, please use the following information:

URL: your-ip-address
Username: zadmin
Password: password

 Zpanel login

That’s how Zpanel login screen looks


Some other things…
Zpanel is a very good choice for the personal purposes, but if you are thinking to use it as the control panel for the web hosting business, you should be careful. Zpanel is very good fairly written software, but it’s pretty new software and it still has some weak points. For example the DNS manager has a very basic features at current release. Also, since the product is new, it delivers a higher risk in terms of security.

Are you a Fluid Hosting customer?
If you are the Fluid Hosting customer and need help with the installation of Zpanel, please contact us, so we can install it for you.