Domains by Fluid Hosting

Every website needs to start with a unique and successful domain name. A domain is what enables your website to be online — similar to that of a street address.

At Fluid Hosting LLC we have made it as easy as possible for you to manage and renew your website domain.

Auto Renewal
If you allow your domain to expire, then it will be available to be registered by anyone. This could put your business at risk, if you had simply forgot to renew your domain. At Fluid Hosting, we offer a free automatic renewal service so you don’t need to remember to keep renewing your domain manually. Now, it’s automatic! How cool is that?

Hassle free domain transfer
Transferring your domain to Fluid Hosting? No problem! We’ve now made it easier for you. Simply input the domain you would like to transfer to us and include the EPP code (which should have been provided by your old domain registrar) and away it goes!

Domain privacy protection
Worried that your personal details are view-able by anyone on a public WHOIS database? Then upgrade your domain to include privacy protection, so your personal information is protected!

Do you have any questions about domain management? Call our team 24/7 at +1-800-653-1019 or contact us through the live chat option on our website.

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