[Scheduled] Windows server maintenance

We shall be updating our Windows servers next week.

The approximate time when servers will be updated is listed below:

Win1 Mon 19th 9PM-10PM
Win2 Mon 19th 10PM-11PM
Win3 Mon 19th 11PM-12AM
Win4 Mon 19th 12AM-1AM

Win5 Tue 20th 9PM-10PM
Win6 Tue 20th 10PM-11PM
Win7 Tue 20th 11PM-12AM
Win8 Tue 20th 12AM-1AM

sp1 Wed 21st 9PM-10PM

mssql1 Thu 22nd 9PM-10PM
mssql2 Thu 22nd 10PM-11PM
mssql3 Thu 22nd 11PM-12AM

During that time, IIS will be restarted several times. You may also see the servers being rebooted to apply/complete the updates.

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