Grid reboot [02/13/2014]

Due to problems we have had in the last couple of days with our grid, a full reboot is required. It will affect all Linux web servers except for and

The grid will be rebooted within next hour. The expected downtime will be around 30 minutes.

This is a fix, that we hope will permanently stop this issue from re-occurring and return websites back to full stability and performance.

[Update #1 – 14:13] The grid is now down and being rebooted. No websites will be accessible whilst this is being performed. We’re receiving many phone calls and support tickets about this issue, so our response times could be longer than normal.

[Update #2 – 14:51] The grid reboot is now in the final stages.

[Update #3 – 15:11] The grid reboot was successful. We’re now booting up all web servers manually. Your websites will start to be online and responsive shortly. Please allow up-to 15 minutes.

[Update #4 – 16:45] We’ve had some reports of websites not responding after the grid reboot. We’re looking into this now.


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